Fun Kids consists of a number of different platforms.


Our key platform is the Fun Kids radio station – it broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio in London and the South East, and across the rest of the UK online and through mobile.

450,000 kids and parents listen to Fun Kids each week.


Competitions are a key part of our Fun Kids campaigns, we currently generate over 10,000 competition entries each month.


The Fun Kids website has seen over 100% growth over the past 12 months.

Here are our latest (Feb 2017) monthly online figures:

  • 100,000 Users
  • 350,000 Pageviews

There’s also over 500,000 instances of listening (stream starts) each month.

Parents Newsletters

We have a database of over 20,000 parents who we contact every week.


Fun Kids operates 8 YouTube channels:

  1. Fun Kids – A general station one
  2. Books
  3. Sport
  4. Unboxing
  5. N6OSean
  6. Learn
  7. Professor Hallux
  8. How Does It Work?

Collectively we have 3 Million YouTube views a month.

Podcasts with iTunes

Fun Kids is an iTunes partner which means we get enhanced promotion of our channels – which now number over 150, making us one of the largest providers in this space. Our podcasts, which are both audio and video, have over 200,000 downloads each month.

Fun Kids on PopJam

Fun Kids is one of the most popular profiles on the Mind Candy-owned PopJam mobile app. Over 103,000 children follow Fun Kids, interacting with our posts and getting closer to the radio station.

Contact the team on 020 7739 7880 or email.