Back to School Partnership Opportunity


Our listeners don’t want to hear it, but pretty soon children and parents will be gearing up for that important time in the family calendar – the first day at school!

As the UK’s only radio station dedicated to children and their parents, Fun Kids is in a unique position to really embrace this time with an exciting Back to School programming campaign.

In the weeks leading up to and covering that first week at school, the campaign will include parent advice, tips from fellow children, a dedicated micro-site and a unique school competition to make that first day as fun as possible!

Naturally this presents a fantastic opportunity for a brand to have exclusive sponsorship of this programming, placing you at the centre of the Fun Kids Back to School programming and this special time of year for families.

As our partner we will also shape commercial messaging in a creative way – from bespoke features to video content – to maximise your exposure and best suit your brand.


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Fun Kids launch iGeneration Report

It’s important that Fun Kids is in tune with its audience. We recently commissioned a report asking kids about their views on a myriad of different subjects. Here’s what we found out:

  • One in eight kids surveyed wish pop videos were less ‘sexy’, with a third stating they would stop listening to pop music if they no longer respect the singer
  • One in ten kids say pop videos make them feel uncomfortable and a third of kids (28 per cent) think that pop stars should set a better example – supported by Ella Eyre
  • A third (33 per cent) don’t care if toys are labeled for boys or girls – but more than one in ten (13 per cent) parents don’t allow their children to play with toys that are not aimed at their gender
  • When asked about what’s important to them, kids would rather be happy, kind and have a loving family than be popular, famous or pretty
  • The iGeneration Report also looked at everything from immigration – revealing that 90 per cent of kids don’t care where their friends are from – to sexuality, showing that two fifths think anyone should be allowed to marry so long as they love each other
  • Every week the news is full of stories of parents worrying about issues affecting their kids – but has anyone actually asked the kids what they think about these pressing topics?
  • Now, the first major new opinion study of kids – the iGeneration Report from Fun Kids Radio – does just that. This groundbreaking study researched 2,000 children aged eight to fourteen on topics such as sexualisation, sexuality, diet and even immigration – and reveals that kids are far more self aware, self-monitoring and self-protective than parents give them credit.

On the basis of the finding that children as young as eight are well-informed, mindful of their behaviour and have strong opinions, the report highlights how key decision makers in kids’ lives should consider giving this unrepresented demographic of eight to fourteen year olds more of a voice within society – and more autonomy when decisions concerning their future are made.

In particular, kids themselves are most concerned about the pop industry and the increasing ‘sexiness’ of musicians and their music videos – such as those of Miley Cyrus, Rihanna and Robin Thicke. Despite parents’ fears – with one in 20 (4 per cent) banning their kids from watching these videos – over one in ten kids (13 per cent) wished their videos were ‘less sexy’, with 11 per cent stating they would respect the stars more if they wore more clothes.

One in ten (11 per cent) admitted the videos make them feel uncomfortable – leading to almost a third (28 per cent) stating that pop stars should set a better example.

In fact, over a third (31 per cent) of modern kids would make the independent decision to stop listening to a pop star’s music if they personally stopped respecting them – with another 30 per cent stopping if they took drugs, and a quarter (24 per cent) if they broke the law. One in seven (14 per cent) even shun artists if they find their lyrics to be offensive – demonstrating the iGeneration’s ability to make mature decisions about their own media consumption.

Commenting on the findings, pop star Ella Eyre said: “This survey shows just how important it is for singers and bands to listen to the opinions of their young fans. There’s just no need to be provocative or raunchy in music videos aimed at kids.”

Another current parenting concern – over ‘gendered’ toys and clothing – looks remarkably different when viewed through a child’s eyes. Over a third (33 per cent) of kids don’t care if toys are labeled for boys or girls – they like playing with what they like.

The same amount also feel that ‘kids don’t care’ what gender a toy is for – and a whopping 85 per cent think that toys should be egalitarian. Despite this, over a tenth (13 per cent) of parents don’t allow their children to play with toys that ‘aren’t suitable’ for their gender.

The same applies to clothing – two in every five (40 per cent) kids don’t think it matters if clothes are in ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ colours. This doesn’t stop one in seven parents who only buy their kids clothes in the ‘traditional colours’ for their gender – despite the one in ten (9 per cent) of kids who get annoyed by this.

The iGeneration Report also looked the values kids place on themselves and their lives, revealing that the most pressing concerns for kids are to be happy (54 per cent), clever (30 per cent), kind (27 per cent) and have a loving family (34 per cent).

Parental concerns over the impact of shows such as X Factor and Big Brother appear to be groundless, with only 3 per cent thinking it’s important to be able to sing / dance and a tiny one per cent wanting to be famous.

When it comes to what’s important in other people, the iGeneration could well be shaping up to be the most tolerant yet – not needing to be shielded from life by anxious adults.

A huge 90 per cent of kids aren’t worried about racial difference, not caring where their friends are from so long as they are good people. And with all the debate around what kids are taught in PSHE lessons, when asked about sexuality a hopeful two fifths (38 per cent) think anyone should be allowed to marry – as long as they love each other. Interestingly, when asked about marriage, one in ten kids (9 per cent) think the whole concept is old-fashioned.

Despite having rocketing disposable incomes – with the average child receiving £5 per week – the Report also reveals kids are fiscally aware, with one in four (24 per cent) worrying about the family’s finances. This leads to surprising philanthropy, with 12 per cent of kids saving their pocket money to help out their parents – and four per cent even saying no to pocket money as they are aware that their parents are struggling.

This financial cognisance also impacts on kids’ thoughts on their future – with children as young as eight already taking note of the state of the economy when considering their careers. A fifth (21 per cent) of iGeneration kids would forgo university to get a job as soon as they left school to earn money instead and under half said they wanted to go to university (46 per cent). The cost of education was a big factor, as 15 per cent of kids under the age of 14 already think that university will cost too much.

This mature attitude also extends to healthy lifestyles, another top parenting concern. A third (32 per cent) of kids know they should spend more time outside – but one in five (20 per cent) say their parents stop them from doing so. One in four (24 per cent) even connect technology with their lifestyle, admitting they would get out more if they had less tech to play with.

The habit of iGeneration to self-monitor and make their own sensible decisions didn’t just apply to their parents – it also related to their school and teachers. Perhaps Nicky Morgan could take note of the results of the iGeneration Report in her new role, as a tenth (10 per cent) of kids aged eight to fourteen don’t think that they given enough to do in lessons at school – three per cent even wish they had more homework.

Speaking about the findings of the Report, Professor of Organisational Psychology and Health Cary Cooper at Lancaster University:

“It’s good to see that young children aren’t just interested in the obvious things such as pop music and football any more, now we see more and more children also having interests in meatier subjects like politics, and what’s more they’re beginning to form their own opinions about it. The iGeneration is more independent, and they’re not influenced solely by pop stars, footballers or even their parents – they have enough about themselves to form their own opinions.

“This heightened sense of individuality comes about due to exposure to a multitude of media. Social media may seem trivial to some of the older generation but for the young amongst us it’s a rich source of learning and a great place to read about news and popular culture – through it children can see all elements of topic and then form and shape their own opinions.

“In the USA, like here, two out of three families are working parents; whilst the parents work, the ‘latchkey kids’ learn from the plethora of media outlets available to them, thus they’re learning quicker and less likely to be solely influenced by their parents or the TV alone – perhaps a similar phenomenon is occurring here.”

Matt Deegan, station manager of Fun Kids Radio said:

“The iGeneration report has presented some really interesting findings. A standout point is that children aren’t as impressionable as previously thought. They enjoy the popstars and entertainers they see on TV and hear on the radio, but the majority know enough about themselves to not be influenced into making negative life choices as a result.

“Here at Fun Kids Radio we want to make sure that children’s voices are listened to, which is why it’s so great to see with these findings that children are attuned with what’s going on around them, and kids as young as eight are clearly well-informed and have strong opinions.

“Despite this, they are the most unrepresented demographic so we think that parents, politicians and companies should consider consulting kids when decisions concerning their future are made, so that children can have an influence over their own lives.”

Research of 2,000 UK children aged 8-14 years old commissioned by Fun Kids Radio was conducted by OnePoll between 20/06/14 – 30/06/14.

Find out more at:

Exclusive Station Partner of Fun Kids at KidZania

KidZania Kids Roles

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As the UK’s only radio station, who better to be the official radio station at KidZania – the UK’s first child-sized city!

KidZaniaLocated in Westfield London and with 1 million children forecast to visit in 2015, Fun Kids will be at the heart of this unique attraction with a real life radio station run by children and broadcasting live across the city.

We have the opportunity for one brand to be our Exclusive Station Partner for 12 months.

As our partner, your brand will be at the centre of all the action. Through on air, experiential, sampling and online activity, your brand will not only reach every single child and parent that walks through KidZania, but you’ll also get to create an in-depth relationship between your brand, the child and their extended family.

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Christmas Partnership Opportunity



Christmas is a big time for families! And we’re giving you the chance to the chance to partner with the UK’s only radio station dedicated to children and parents and one of the UK’s biggest Christmas family events.

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Fun Kids can embrace this time of year like no other station with a whole schedule packed with non-stop Christmas music, Panto Guide and even Santa presenting every day! Once again we’re looking for a Fun Kids’ Christmas Partner, giving you exclusive sponsorship that positions your brand at the heart of all Christmas programming on the radio.

Plus! You will get exclusive Ice Rink Naming Rights Sponsorship at Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, the free annual Christmas event attended by over 2 million visitors!

Extensive physical branding and the Fun Kids team on hand with live shows and activities to provide fantastic brand activation – it’s the pefect opportunity to bring your brand directly to families this Christmas.

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Fun Kids at Lollibop!


This summer Fun Kids teamed up with the UK’s biggest children’s festival, Lollibop!

Fun-Kids-Presenters-LiveAcross three days – from 16th to 18th August – Fun Kids was the radio station at Lollibop, broadcasting on site to 45,000 festival goers as well as to the rest of the country through Fun Kids’ broadcast platforms.

But that’s not all! Fun Kids was at the centre of the action with the Fun Kids RadioZone. With an On Site Studio and Fun Kids Stage, children got the chance to become a superstar DJ, meet presenters, enjoy Fun Kids parties, watch live shows and loads more!

Check out the video below to get a sense of just how much we did.

As you can see, we’ve an experienced team able to deliver exciting live family experiences. So if you’re an events organiser or a client looking to engage families in this way, then make sure you get in touch to see how we can work together.

Ready for School Partnership Opportunity



It may not seem like summer has arrived! However, it’s only a couple of months until a whole new group of children and parents prepare for that important time in the family calendar – their first day at school.

As the UK’s only radio station dedicated to children and their parents, Fun Kids is in a unique position to really embrace this time with an exciting Ready for School programming campaign.

In the weeks leading up to and covering that first week at school, the campaign will include parent advice, tips from fellow children, a dedicated micro-site and a unique school competition to make that first day as fun as possible!

Naturally this presents a fantastic opportunity for a brand to have exclusive sponsorship of this programming, placing you at the centre of the Fun Kids Ready for School programming and this special time of year for families.


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Fun Kids at Lollibop


At Fun Kids we love getting out and about, meeting listeners and doing fun events. This year we’re planning our biggest ever piece of outdoor activity by becoming a media partner of Lollibop.

Lollibop’s the perfect event for us, it targets the same audience – tweens and younger children – and it’s in London, where people can listen to us on DAB Digital Radio.

We’ll be broadcasting from the site for three days from a purpose-built RadioZone! There’s lots of opportunities for our partners to get involved, from sponsorship of all the activity to competitions and sampling. Get in touch with the team if you want to know more.

Here’s the official press release:

Children’s radio station Fun Kids is getting into the summer spirit by becoming a Media Partner of the UK’s biggest children’s festival Lollibop.

LolliBop which this year takes place on August 16, 17 & 18 in its new home, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London, expects to attract 45,000 visitors over the three days.

The partnership means that Fun Kids will be taking the radio station to the festival and broadcasting from there all weekend.

Festival-goers will also get the chance at being a superstar DJ, introducing songs and being heard by thousands of Fun Kids listeners across the UK.

In the Fun Kids RadioZone, Lolliboppers will also be able to meet the DJs, hear readings from authors, take part in scientific experiments and dance along at the Fun Kids disco.

Matt Deegan, Station Manger at Fun Kids says “We’re taking the entire radio station to Lollibop and creating our biggest ever outdoor presence. We’re incredibly excited about meeting all of our listeners and telling new people all about Fun Kids too”.

With an incredible line-up – all aimed at children under the age of 10 – LolliBop combines some of the hottest names in kids entertainment, as well as hundreds of activities, workshops and interactive areas.  The 2013 programme includes Dick and Dom, Skylanders, Science Museum Live, Cloudbabies, Skylanders, The Diary of a Wimpy Kid, Peppa Pig, Poppy Cat, the Wot Wots, Transformers, The Go! Go! Go! Show, the Mr Men and Little Miss Village Green Event and  Shaun the Sheep’s Championsheeps.

LolliBop’s live theatre tent – The Lollipalladiam – showcases performances from pioneering and internationally renowned companies and artists. This year it features Spooked, from the critically acclaimed Broken Rose Performing Arts.  Spooked promises a hilarious and spectacular blend of dance, theatre and spoken word featuring skeletons Molly, Jinny and Charlie. There’s also a brand new Discovery Zone, Meadows area, Enchanted Woods, Lolli Promenade and much more.

Fun Kids is a radio station for Tweens, pre-schoolers and their families and broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio across London and the South East and online/through mobiles at

For more tickets and more information:

Fun Kids at Southbank

FK at Southbank

Fun Kids kicked off its activity at the Southbank’s Neighbourhood Festival this weekend, with Fun Kids Parties on Saturday and Sunday at the Royal Festival Hall’s Clore Ballroom.

It was all part of the work we’re doing with the Beano and DC Thomson. Dennis and Gnasher already have a show on Fun Kids, but it’s about to get a Beanotown upgrade with more characters and craziness. The Beano itself is going through a transformation, with a new TV series later in the year, more licensees and their own Beanotwon attraction on the Southbank from now until September.

The kids had a great time as we played music for them to dance to and silly games for them to join in with.

We’ll be holding more parties at Southbank over the Summer.

Here’s a video of what we got up to…

Fun Kids Nominated for Station of the Year. Twice!

Fun Kids Sony Team

Fun Kids has been nominated as Radio Station of the Year at two prestigious radio awards ceremonies.

At the Sony Radio Academy Awards it’s been nominated for Station of the Year (1m plus), up against BBC Radio Newcastle and Metro Radio and in the Arqiva Commercial Radio Awards it’s been nominated in Station of the Year (2m plus), up against Absolute Radio and LBC97.3.

Fun Kids is a radio station that targets the tween audience alongside programmes for younger children. It broadcasts on DAB Digital Radio in London as well as online at and through mobile apps.

It’s been a busy year for the station with new commercial and programming partnerships with Disney, Camp Bestival, British Gas, Swapit, Bin Weevils, DC Thompson and Random House.

Station Manager Matt Deegan: “It’s brilliant for Fun Kids to be recognised alongside some of the biggest and most successful stations in the country. To have Best Station nominations in the big two radio awards ceremonies is a massive achievement for the Fun Kids team.”

In the Arqiva Awards the station was also nominated in the Social Action category for its Fun Kids Education work.

Home for case studies

At Fun Kids we work with hundreds of different brands and have offered a myriad of different opportunities. Some of these we do more regularly than others – spot ads on the radio or banners on the website – but then there’s a huge amount of different things that we do too.

Here at Think Fun Kids we’re going to catalogue the work we’ve done and hopefully inspire you to do something different with us at Fun Kids.

Contact the team on 020 7739 7880 or email.