HeathrowClient’s need:

BAA Heathrow were keen to establish themselves as a family-friendly airport and build awareness of their special family offers over the Easter period.

Our solution:

Fun Kids is a great place to target families as a whole. Whilst 136,000 children listen every week. But we also reach 46,000 adults every week who share the experience with their kids, making Fun Kids a real family listen.

Broadcasting on DAB Digital Radio in London and the south-east to 86% ABC1 families meant we had great capacity to reach the core-demographic of Heathrow’s largely long-haul services.

Global-Easter-Fun-at-Heathrow---Fun-Kids-–-the-children's-radio-station_1331577552052To firmly position BAA Heathrow as family-friendly, we created a series of 10 enhanced adverts. Each one introduced children to a different popular destination across the world, teaching them about the history and culture. These were firmly branded with BAA Heathrow and ended with a quick fact on what Heathrow are doing for families, such as family car parking bays.

As well as broadcast on air, this content was also available to access and download through the Fun Kids website.

This was supported with online pages on each destination branded with BAA, as well as other pages directly communicating the family offers occurring both this Easter and generally at the airport.

The results:
On air the features reached over 200,000 listeners, generating 2.8 million impacts.

The online BAA Heathrow content reached over 2,000 unique users on funkidslive.com and generated over 1,000 direct downloads of the features.

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