Club Penguin 2Client’s need:

Disney wanted to encourage children to take part in Igloo Parties with their friends, as well as building awareness of features in Club Penguin such as a Nightclub where users could DJ.

Our solution:

At Fun Kids we always try to align brands with relevant programming wherever possible.
screengrab-fnp-webWith a huge range of programmes for pre-schoolers, primary school and tween children there are plenty of sponsorship opportunities that will match the client’s brand and hit the core demographic.

It was for this reason that we ran a 3-month Club Penguin Igloo Party sponsorship campaign on our Friday night music request show – Friday Night Party.

Designed as the perfect show to end the school week, for one hour we have our Fun Kids presenter The purpose of this show is to play listeners requests, give them shout-outs and create a party atmosphere to get them ready for the weekend. This fitted the theme of the Igloo Parties perfectly.

Online we also used an advertisement banner at to send people directly to Club Penguin.

We also ran a series of multi-platform competitions, integrating the Club Penguin brand within our programming.

The results:

This campaign reached over 350,000 listeners and generated 6.5 million impacts.

The online content at reached 5,000 unique visitors and we sent nearly 1,000 people directly to Club Penguin.

The multi-platform competition received over 1,800 entries and we accrued a database of over 800 people we could share with the client for further targeted promotion.

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