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Client’s need:
The client wanted to promote the theatrical release of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid is a brand that is orientated towards tweens. It’s well known amongst its audience and the film was highly anticipated after the success of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books.

Our solution:

camp-bestival-alex-prizeWe see Fun Kids as a truly multi-platform brand and like to offer our clients access to as many of these platforms as possible.

We work across on air, online, mobile, live events and many more. With Diary of a Wimpy Kid we provided the brand placement on all of these platforms.

The film became the official partner of Fun Kids at Camp Bestival, a family-dedicated festival with 30,000 attendees. Fun Kids was the on-site radio station, broadcasting from the festival for four days on Fun Kids and also on an FM licence covering the festival site.

As Official Partner, the client benefited from an online and on air station take-over throughout the festival.

The take-over included:

  • a sponsored series of audio features called ‘Camp Bestival Diaries’ in which children told us about their time at the festival
  • spot advertising on air
  • sponsorship of all video content from the festival including interviews and other experiential activity
  • brand placement at the festival
  • sponsorship of all online pages

luke-interviewing-camp-bestivalThis sponsorship provided the film with a huge presence across all the Fun Kids platforms as well as to the 30,000 visitors at Camp Bestival.

The results:
The promotion reached over 160,000 listeners generating 3.1m impacts.

The online activity delivered over 115,000 impressions  for Diary of a Wimpy Kid at

Plus extensive shareable content that the client could use as part of their PR strategey.


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