Skylanders_LogoClient’s need:

Activision wanted to promote a new videogame which combined real life toy figures within the game’s narrative.

With initially over 30 figures to collect, they were keen to build awareness of this innovative gaming concept and the range of characters children could play with in a way that would make children excited about the game.

The game was aimed at a broad children’s audience and their families.

Our solution:


We decided to engage children with the characters they could collect by creating five 1-minute character fact files, each introducing children to one of the characters you could collect and play in the game.

These enhanced adverts were delivered in a ‘Top Trumps’ style, each including a fun profile and power stats, so that listeners really grew familiar with the characters. This then drove listeners to find out more about the Skylanders online.

Here’s an example for you: 

Online we created a Skylanders Mini Hub at where users could visit even more character profiles, including videos and more stats. All pages were clearly branded with Skylanders and encouraged users to visit the official website to find out even more.

The results:

The on air campaign reached 215,000 listeners. In addition the character fact files audio could be listened to online, and had over 3,000 plays.

The online activity delivered 170,000 impressions for Skylanders, with 4,500 users engaging with the character pages, reflecting real engagement with the brand.

Finally, over 300 people went onto engage directly with the Skylanders website from


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