image_epic_mickey_2_the_power_of_two-18720-2471_0001Client’s need:
The client wanted to build awareness of the new videogame ‘Disney’s Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two’, promoting the gameplay, special effects and story’s core theme of friendship.

They were also keen to ensure child were familiar and engaged with Mickey Mouse to generate excitement for his new game.

Our solution:
To achieve these goals, we launched an extensive multi-platform campaign including:

  • ‘The Power of Two’ Competition: Centred on the theme of friendship in the game, listeners were encouraged to nominate their friend to win an Epic  Mickey prize. Five finalists competed in a special quiz on air where they had to answer questions about their best friend, providing engaging audio content to promote the game.
  • ‘The Epic Journey of Mickey Mouse’ Enhanced Adverts: We created a series of 20 Enhanced Adverts following the history of Mickey, broadcast on air and available to download
  • Untitled-1Station Take Over: In the week covering the game release, we carried out an intensive on air campaign through a 4-day station take over
  • ‘Colour in Fun Kids’ Web Take Over: To highlight the visual strength of the game, we created a unique website takeover of where the entire website for one week was black and white and users could colour it in with a paintbrush cursor. This was supported with splash page activity.

Listen to an example of the Epic Mickey Enhanced Adverts here:

The results:

The Enhanced Adverts reached over 200,000 listeners, the Power of Two competition reached over 190,000 listeners and the Station Take Over reached over 100,000 listeners.

Overall the online campaign generated over 540,000 impressions reaching 115,000 unique visitors. The dedicated Epic Mickey section at had almost 7,000 unique pageviews and the colour-in splash page reached over 21,000 unique visitors.

The Enhanced Adverts downloaded over 55,000 times.

Almost 1,000 people clicked an Epic Mickey buy link on the Fun Kids website.


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