PrintClient’s need:

ZSL London Zoo wanted to build awareness and drive ticket sales for their Little Creatures Family Festival for families with children aged 0-10, highlighting the multitude of different things families and can do and animals they can see across the weekend.

Our solution:

To ensure maximum awareness of the festival, we provided sponsorship of our two biggest shows – Breakfast with Luke (6.30am to 9am) and Team Josh (weekends 12 to 4pm) – offering the largest reach while maintaining little to no wastage.

littlecreaturesscreengrabsAlongside sponsorship, to drive engagement with the core themes and focus behind ‘Little Creatures’ we made a series of 60-second advertorials, packed with interesting information about the different creatures and places you can see at this festival.

These creative features helped convey the feel and tone of Little Creatures and build familiarity and interest. In addition, as creative pieces of content in their own right, we could make them available to download online.

Here’s an example for you: 

This was supported with regular live presenter reads throughout the campaign through our on air Events Guide and competition activity.

Online we created a dedicated Little Creatures mini-hub full of audio features, videos, animal fact files and information all with Little Creatures branding and buy links.

The results:

The on air activity brought awareness to over 300,000 listeners, all within the target audience.

In addition the online activity (pages, banners and carousel placement) delivered over 470,000 page impressions for the Little Creatures content. And there were over 600 who clicked the buy links.

And there have also been 5,000 downloads of the Little Creatures features online and were number one in the iTunes podcast charts for children.

The success of the campaign has led to repeated bookings across 2014.


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