Client’s need:

The client wanted to drive initial awareness and excitement around the announcement of the new attraction, CBeebies Land, at Alton Towers, launching in May.

screengrab-cbeebies-landOur solution:

To highlight the range of attractions at CBeebies Land and build excitement, we ran a 2-week campaign for which we created a series of 1-minute advertorials, each revealing a different ride, zone or character you will be able to enjoy – from Postman Pat’s Parcel Post attraction to Tree Fu Tom’s Training Camp.

Here’s an example for you:

These features went alongside daily announcements each day online and across their own website/social platforms really helping to generate buzz.

This was supported with a multi-platform competition to be one of the first to win a ticket to CBeebies Land. Led by presenter promotion, we were able to again drive awareness of individual attractions as well as CBeebies Land as a whole, and create lots of excitement about its opening day.

The results:

The on air activity brought awareness to over 175,000 listeners, delivering 1.5 million impacts.

In addition the online activity delivered over 80,000 impressions for the new attraction and 350 click thrus.

The competition had about 900 entrants and we accrued a large parents database to share with the client for further promotion.


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