swatch-storeClient’s need:
Swatch wanted to drive awareness and interest in their children’s range available in-store and online, called Flik Flak.

Our solution:

Flik Flak became our official sponsor of the Fun Kids ‘top of the hour’ time checks across 6 months, providing perfect brand alignment.

Each top of hour was delivered in a fun way, teaching children how to tell the time – creating an incredibly positive message centred around the Flik Flak brand. Listen to an example here:

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Flik-Flak-imageThis was supported with regular competition giveaways – providing presenter endorsement and accruing a database of parents to share with the parents – and dedicated online pages with traffic drivers.

The results:

Sponsorship reached 260,000 listeners each month, delivering The on air features reached 250,000 listeners, generating 9.1 million impacts.

We also delivered 300,000 impressions online across the partnership and accrued a database of 1,000 parents to share with the client.


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