Client’s need:

Star51 wanted to promote their brand new kids clothing range which were available in House of Fraser‘s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection.

Our solution:

star51-online-ssTo help drive sales and awareness around the Autumn/Winter collection, we ran a simple competition to win £200 worth of clothes from the new collection.

Stylish competition

We kept the competition simple with a clothing-themed multiple-choice question. On-air our presenters enthused about the new range and the prize, encouraging listeners to visit Online we had a branded entry form with further information about the range.


The activity was further supported by a bespoke native-content article, promoted on our homepage to our 125,000 unique monthly users, building excitement around the new collection. We also hosted an embed of the promotional video of the new collection on the article too, which helped drive the client’s video views.

Banner Placement

We also created a banner for Star51 in-house, driving traffic to the online store. This achieved its target of 50,000 impressions.

The results:

The competition generated nearly 2,000 entries with over 700 parent opt-ins that we could share with Star51. The on-air presenter-reads reached 99,000 listeners over the week.

The competition was also promoted in our weekly newsletter going out to 30,000 parents.

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