Alien InvadersClient’s need:

The client wanted to build excitement around a sci-fi adventure book series called Alien Invaders.

A number of books in the series had already been released so the brief was to promote the new books, but also generate awareness and engagement with the entire series.

Alien Invaders is a multi-platform, male orientated brand that publishes stories, games and interactive content.

Their core demographic are male tweens.

Our solution:

With Alien Invaders we made use of our split-programming to target the correct demographic.

On Fun Kids we programme for tweens at breakfast, drive and weekends but then switch to focus on pre-schoolers when the older children are at school.

We created a series of five enhanced adverts starring the main character teaching our audience about the universe so they could help defend it in future just like him.

These were then placed in the correct programming to achieve as many relevant impressions as possible.

We also created an Alien Invaders mini-hub at which supported the brand interactive and online content.

The results:

The campaign brought Alien Invaders to over 200,000 listeners which generated 1.7m impacts on our tween audience.

The activity sent over 3,000 people directly to and generated over 2,700 unique users to Alien Invaders content at

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