AB_1_CoverV2Client’s need:
Alphablocks is for children aged 3-5 and their parents, and uses phonics to help children learn to read and write in a fun way.

They wanted to build awareness of the magazine and explain the use/benefits of phonics to parents in a fun, accessible way, in turn engaging them with the Alphablocks brand.

Our solution:

To provide direct promotion of Alphablocks Magazine we provided sponsorship of The Junior Club, a weekly show tailored for 3 to 6 year olds.

This was supported with a series of Enhanced Adverts, each focusing on a different phonic sound through a play-along game that encouraged listeners to think of words using that sound. By doing this we made the advertising engaging and fun for children as well as demonstrating to parents exactly what the magazine is all about.

Listen to an example here:

This was supported with magazine giveaways, a bespoke mail out and a dedicated section on the Fun Kids website.

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