horrid-henry-monster-movie-2012Client’s need:
The client wanted to promote the new book  Horrid Henry’s Monster Movie and help driving a partnership with Legoland where people who buy the book could go for free.

Our solution:
We created a series of six 1-minute Enhanced Adverts, each a tip from Horrid Henry on how to create your very own Monster Movie!

As well as broadcast regularly on air these were available to download on the Fun Kids website in a dedicated Horrid Henry section and through a Fun Kids’ iTunes Podcast Channel.

We also created a video starring our Breakfast presenter, Luke, spending a day at Legoland and causing chaos with Horrid Henry. This was pushed through our YouTube & iTunes channels, plus given to the client for further promotional use.

The results:

The on air activity reached 270,000 listeners, generating 1.7 million impacts with each listener on average hearing the advertorials 5 times.

To date the video has been viewed 57,000 times and the features have been downloaded 13,000 times. This content is still available providing long term value for the client.

There were over 3,000 unique pageviews for the Horrid Henry section online, 150,000 impressions delivered online in total and we sent 500 directly to the Horrid Henry website.

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