Our challenge was to promote David Walliam’s new picture books and fiction to our family audience across the UK.

Campaign Objectives:

  • Make the latest books unmissable to children and parents
  • Use the comedic nature of the books to bring them to life
  • Promote the back catalogue of Walliams titles

Our solution was a to create a series of high impact radio campaigns that used the different demographics of key Fun Kids Radio listening times to provided a more targeted approach. This meant we could use Fun Kids Junior to reach 0-6 year olds and parents for the picture books and the older shows such as The Club (Drive) to promote fiction for those aged 7+.

We also leveraged our social media presence (Facebook, Twitter and PopJam), website and parents’ newsletter to make the campaigns unmissable across all platforms.

May 2016: The First Hippo on the Moon

We created a catchy spot advert with big sound effects to promote the book to parents and young children. The First Hippo on the Moon sponsored a popular afternoon show, Fun Kids Junior with Dan to further cement the title as a hilarious and heartwarming picture book. The sponsor credits aired 3 x per hour of show and during the promotional trailer for the show which ran during other station programming.

This campaign delivered over 2 million on-air impacts to an audience of 260,000.

May & October 2016: The World’s Worst Children
We produced and ran two waves of adverts to promote the book as the ideal read for May and October half-term. Adverts featured silly music and character descriptions playing on the humour in the book. As part of the campaign we asked our listeners to design their own World’s Worst Child and hosted an interactive gallery of The World’s Worst Children characters as well as MPU banners on our website.

Combined the campaigns delivered 3.7 million on-air impacts to an audience of 450,000+.

October 2016: There’s a Snake in my School
We employed the same strategy as for The First Hippo on the Moon with a Fun Kids Afternoon Sponsorship and spot advert campaign. In these adverts we included extracts of David Walliams reading the book to further engage our audience and build the familiarity between of David Walliams as a bestselling children’s author.

This campaign reached over 690,000 listeners. Fun Kids delivered 9.5 million on-air impacts and 9.5 opportunities to hear There’s a Snake in my School branding per listener.

November/December 2016: The Midnight Gang
The big Christmas release. We created a series of 60 second adverts profiling the different characters in The Midnight Gang as they all have distinct personalities that our audience could relate to. To complement these we ran spot adverts with Perfect for Christmas messaging. The Midnight Gang also sponsored our Drive-time equivalent: The Club with Bex and had a couple of competitions to drive desirability for the book.

This campaign had a huge impact with a reach over 1 million listeners. Fun Kids delivered 27 million on-air impressions making The Midnight Gang memorable to all our audience with 12 opportunities to hear the branding per listener. We received over 2,000 unique competition entries to win a bundle of David Walliams books, proving he really is a favourite author among our audience.


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