Disney & Dreamworks Announce New VOD Deals


Children’s content continues to make a splash on video on demand services with new deals announced by Dreamworks and Disney.

Disney have announced that Pixar and Disney films will be joining LOVEfilm. This includes titles like Wall-E, Ratatouille, Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, as well as classic animation like Lady and the Tramp, Dumbo and Sword and the Stone.

Dreamworks meanwhile have completed the biggest deal in Netflix’s history by announcing that they’ll be creating 300 hours of new content. The output will include new material and content based on properties like Shrek and Madagascar.

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YouTube AwesomenessTV Acquired

In more, but unrelated, awesome news, YouTube Channel ‘AwesomenessTV‘ has been acquired by DreamWorks for $33m (with options based on success to take that up to $117m).

AwesomenessTV launched in July last year, off the back of a $5m YouTube content grant and $3.5m of Series A funding as a ‘Nickelodeon Killer’ – something that would build resonance with US tweens.

This is one of the first deals in this space and something that shows the demand for youth media on new platforms (particularly from old media!)

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