YouTube Launches Pay-For Subscriptions

More YouTube news, this time it’s the introduction of paid-for subscriptions to channels.

In the announcement they talk about the launch of 53 trial channels. Many, as you would expect are US-based, but there is some UK content and quite a bit of kids content too.

The kids channels include:

It’s an interesting expansion for DHX, who are launching channels in multiple territories. It will also be interesting to see if some of the traditional children’s broadcasters launch channels too.

Meanwhile the Fun Kids YouTube channel continues to be free for everyone!



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YouTube AwesomenessTV Acquired

In more, but unrelated, awesome news, YouTube Channel ‘AwesomenessTV‘ has been acquired by DreamWorks for $33m (with options based on success to take that up to $117m).

AwesomenessTV launched in July last year, off the back of a $5m YouTube content grant and $3.5m of Series A funding as a ‘Nickelodeon Killer’ – something that would build resonance with US tweens.

This is one of the first deals in this space and something that shows the demand for youth media on new platforms (particularly from old media!)

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